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Major Advantages Suggesting You to Install Android 5.1 Lollipop

When it was released for the very first time, Android 5.0 Lollipop was expected to be something that will bring any compatible Android devices a step further. Unfortunately, the software gave more disappointment instead of satisfaction. This can be seen in some major disadvantages, including the slow rollout of the device in which the OS is installed and also the very lots of bugs following the installation of the software. 

 Thankfully, it seems Google, which is none other but the developer of the Android operating system is really aware that a fix is needed or else the situation can get worse in which users will give up using Lollipop as the latest version of OS for Android device or, moreover, there is also a possibility for user to give up using the device. In relation to this, Android 5.1 Lollipop is released to make everything better. Fortunately, this new operating system is really better in some ways which cannot be seen in the previous version of the same Lollipop OS. In general, it can be said the OS is better in the way the tons of bugs found in the previous version has been fixed by Google. Other than this, new and totally beneficial and effective features are added as well in this new software.

Better and easier connectivity, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, is the first most significant new feature can be found in this Android 5.1 Lollipop. In version 5.1 you can for example, it will be faster and much easier for you select Bluetooth profile and wireless network because of the availability of new drop-down panel. This can be used simply by tapping the arrow to expand every listing you want to browse. Of course, this make the connectivity setting to be done quickly and this is why this new feature is included in the category of an advanced one. One other thing that is still related to Wi-Fi connection in this new operating system is the ability of the software to remember every network which has been scanned previously and has poor or even worse no internet access. This way, in the future you should not always bump into trying to use the Wi-Fi connection again and get upset because of the very poor connectivity.  

Other feature that Android 5.1 Lollipop is also best in is related to quick setting. It is no longer a secret, quick setting is a really helpful feature even it may look to be quite simple. It is especially for those who do not really like to keep scrolling down and up the notification bar of their Android device in order to access some setting options, such as airplane mode, Bluetooth, brightness, flashlight, and some others. Unfortunately, there is something quite inconvenience found in the quick setting.

 Whenever you use an option in the quick setting options, this will directly added to the menu of quick setting. This usually happens right after the first use of the option. In the new operating system, fortunately, something like this will never happen. When the option is automatically added to the menu, you can always hide it again. The way to do it is so simple, which is by pressing the option icon long. The quite same benefit can also be seen in the notification you receive in your device. When the OS you use is version 5.1, you can always dismiss some unwanted notifications by flicking it. Because of this benefit, you should not wait for too long until the notification disappear or unwillingly launch the application to make the notification gone.

Things to Consider before Using iOS 8.2 in Your iPhone 5

The latest version of iOS for some products of Apple, including also iPhone 5, has been released some weeks ago. This is nothing else but iOS 8.2. While some users of iPhone 5 have experience using the new operating system, there are still quite a lot of users who have not changed the operating system they use in their phone with this new one and of course the curiosity about this is still quite high. The fact you need to know in this case is therefactuallysome things you need to take into consideration. This time, are not going to talk about the advantages of the software. Instead, we are going to talk more about some lacking that is found in this new system. Of course, in the end it will still be something for users, including you certainly, to decide about whether or not they will use the new iOS. However, it is still beneficial if the following things are still considered since these can possibly be something significant for some users. 


Before knowing about some other negative points of iOS 8.2, the very first thing you really need to know is nothing else but the fact you cannot go back to the previous version of iOS, which is 8.1.3 once you change the operating into version 8.2. In other words, you will be stuck in using 8.2 after installing it and this is something related to the downgrade of version 8.1.3. This is the reason why this lacking is told since the very beginning. If unfortunately the new operating system is not the right one for you and you are already stuck without being able to go back to the 8.1.3 version, the only thing you can do is waiting for the next operating system to be released by Apple. Possibly, the next software will be iOS 8.3 but this, including also the release date, has not been announced yet by the large vendor. It is rumored that this version will be released to public after its fourth beta. Well, the beta version is already available right now. However, obviously there are still quite a lot of bugs and problems have not been fixed yet in this version since this is still a kind of prototype. That is why it is more recommended for you not to try installing this beta version yet in your device. In relation to all of these, it is quite important for you to know further about all positive and negative values of the new operating system before really installing it in your iPhone 5 or else you will regret everything. 

The next kind of negative point you should also consider about the latest iOS 8.2 is related to its jailbreak version. It is no longer a secret that the jailbreak of operating system for iPhone 5 version 8.1.3 is still worked on and not yet been released for users to use. If the jailbreak for 8.1.3 is not yet released, there is a quite big possibility for the project of jailbreak for version 8.2 is not even started. If you always love to use the jailbreak version of the operating system of your iPhone 5, it seem better for you to wait a little bit longer at least until a clearer information about the availability of version 8.2 jailbreak is finally spread.Factually, the same thing is also applied to you if the operating system of your device is still version 8.1.2. Changing this operating system into 8.1.3 is not really suggested if the benefits of jailbreak version of operating system are the one you need in using the smartphone or else you will not be able to use some applications in the phone which basic requirement is none other but the jailbreak itself. 

Other than the previous major negative points that are found in iOS 8.2 by the users of iPhone 5 there are still some other points to take into concern. These can be considered as something minor but for some people these can be major too. The first one is related to the battery of their device. Many of them mentioning about the overheating effect resulted from the use of the new operating system. Other than this, the battery life also tends to be shorter. Besides, there are also some problems found in the Wi-Fi connectivity. Some network issues are found as well. Other than this, you need to know the operating system is also quite problematic in some things which should be easy, such as locking the device. The slow performance, as seen in the slow animation or when some applications in the phone are opened, after the software is installed is another problem found by some users too. Certainly, all of these should bethought about in order to guarantee the convenience in using the new software for iPhone 5. For you who do not want to face the issues, reconsidering installing the software is clearly suggested.

Well, it seems there are quite a lot of major negative points can be found in this iOS 8.2. Something like this is definitely reasonable. This is also the reason why the developer of the operating system always gives something new, which is none other but new operating system with better quality in which the problems, issues and bugs are fixed. Although it is so, it cannot be said there is no plus point at all found in the new system. Certainly, there are some major advantages can be thought about too in order to make the consideration better. As suggestion, when you really are ready to install this new operating system, of course with the consequence of some disadvantages mentioned earlier, it would be much better for you to install the new iOS at your home. There are some reasons why you are recommended to do so. It is mainly because there will be less distractions you will find in trying to install the software properly. Besides, it would also be easier for you to get information needed in the installation when you are at home.

Things to Do with iTunes File Sharing

Not many people realize the benefits and perks of having iTunes file sharing. Not only you won’t have to equip yourself with a device with loads of storage compartments, you can also share the contents of your library in the most efficient ways. Forget about copying and pasting them; it only takes energy and time, especially if you have hundreds – even thousands – of files within your possession. Another cool thing about the file sharing is the easiness for you to share almost anything – music files, videos folders, movie streaming, and so many more – among 5 different devices without hassle or fuss. There are different ways to share files on different devices; you should read on to know each one of them.

Sharing Music by Using Different Account

If you are going to use different accounts on a single computer, there are some steps that you need to do to tweak the iTunes setting and adjustment. If you want your music to be available for other users, make sure that you have moved iTunes Media Folder into a public spot.

  • For Mac OS X users, you need to quit iTunes first.
  • Go to iTunes Media folder, which should be in ~/Music/iTunes by default. However, if you create the iTunes library in iTunes 9 or higher, the folder may be called iTunes Music. Keep in mind that ~ represents Home Folder. Other users won’t be able to access these locations.
  • Remove the iTunes Media folder into the public location. You can use Public folder other locations outside the Home Folder. Keep in mind that you only want to move the iTunes Media folder, NOT iTunes library .xml file, iTunes folder, or iTunes library file.
  • Open the iTunes
  • Click on iTunes and then Preferences
  • Click on Advanced and choose Change button
  • You will see a window open, go to iTunes Media folder.
  • Click on Open or Choose.

itunes file sharing

If your operating system is Windows, these are the steps that you should follow:

  • Quit iTunes
  • Find iTunes Media folder, which should be named iTunes Music if you use iTunes 9 or higher. There are other alternatives by defaults, such as:
  • \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes for Windows 2000 or XP
  • \Users\username\Music\iTunes for Windows 7, Vista, or 8
  • Keep in mind, though, that iTunes in Windows version doesn’t copy all the music files that you add from the iTunes library to the iTunes Media folder. If you want to copy them all, you need to click on Consolidate Library from File, click on Library, and then choose Organize.
  • Move the iTunes Media folder to public location, which are:
  • \Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music for Windows 2000 and XP
  • \Users\Public\Public Music for Windows 7, Vista, and 8
  • Never move iTunes library.xml file, iTunes library file, or iTunes folder
  • Open the iTunes
  • Click on Edit and then Preferences
  • Click on Advanced and Change button
  • There will be a dialog in Change Music Folder Location, you need to navigate to iTunes Media folder
  • Choose OK

These steps need to be repeated by every user that you want to share your music with. In the case different users using your computer are keeping music within the same public folder, duplicate music files may exist – especially when one imports music, which has already been imported, from a CD.

Now that you have learned about sharing the music files, how about learning the steps to hear other users’ music?

  • You can open iTunes
  • Click on iTunes and then Preferences, and then choose Advanced
  • Deselect the options "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to the library file” and then choose OK
  • Choose File and Add to Library. If you are using Windows, you can also choose Add Folder to Library in case you want to add folders of songs
  • You will see an open window. Navigate your way to the spot where other music files are kept (for example iTunes Media folder)
  • Choose Open

If there are different users wanting to listen to the music folders, they need to repeat these steps from the beginning to the end. Moreover, if there is another user using your computer and they import a new music files from a CD, repeat step 4 to 5 so the files can be added to the library.

Moving the iTunes Library to New Computer

In case you have a new computer and you want to move the library to the new device, there are some things you need to do first. Make sure that you have backed up your library. You can also update the already existing backup before you make any attempts to move it. There are some different solutions for different devices.

If you want to remove the contents from the external drive to your Mac device, you need to do this:

  • Go to Finder menu, and click on Preferences
  • Enable the boxes next to “Hard disks” and “External disks”

Afterward, you need to:

  • Install iTunes. Make sure to download the latest version only
  • In case you have used iTunes on the new computer, make sure to move the media to a new folder so anything that you add to your new computer won’t be separated from the old iTunes library.
  • Copy the backup. You can do these:
  • Locate these folders in the new computer:
  • On Mac device, choose Go, click on Home from the Finder bar, and then double click on Music Folder
  • On Windows XP, go to \Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Music\.
  • On Windows Vista, go to \Users\username\Music\iTunes.
  • On Windows 7 and 8, go to\Users\username\My Music\iTunes.
  • Move the iTunes folder: From Music folder to Desktop in Mac or My Music folder to Desktop in Windows
  • Locate the external drive on desktop on Mac or in My Computer in Windows
  • Double click on you external drive so it can be opened